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IMPORTANT NOTE: Given a number of reported incidents of lottery scams or advance-fee frauds that are sending suspicious/false direct emails, email notifications and phone calls that advise a target recipient with a "false win", SureWinLotto warns all its players to be aware and be extra-cautious in dealing with deceptive online overseas lottery agents, and also those who claim to be from SureWinLotto in order to sweet-talk their way to get money illegaly from you.

More than anything, SureWinLotto, is deeply concerned and alarmed with these reports and together with other reputable online lottery agent organizations, SureWinLotto highly condemns these illicit activities that tarnish the integrity of the entire lottery industry by preying on thousands of unsuspecting victims.

SureWinLotto is a legal organization that gives a player the opportunity to WIN and cash-in through the diverse lottery games it offers and you will NEVER be asked to send any amount of money for "processing fees" or "taxes" to claim a particular winning. In the event that you WIN a prize in a lottery that you legitimately entered through SureWinLotto, our authorized in-house representative will contact you via phone just to ask on how you would want to claim your prize which will be sent to your preferred bank in full amount without any deduction or fee.

If ever you are in doubt after receiving a suspicious email, phone call or direct mail, please alert us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by contacting us directly through the information below.


For more information, you may contact SureWinLotto at:
(+353 86) 800 6489

SureWinLotto is a lottery entry service agency independent of Government. All entries are processed by authorized agents licensed by the government of the country in which the National Lottery is held.