• What are the services that you provide?

    SureWinLotto aims to give our players a confident, efficient and reliable Lotto Entry service wherever they are in the globe.

    Our services begin as soon as your entry form and payment are received. An official acknowledgment of your entry to confirm that your numbers are received will be sent. And after the draw is held, you will be informed of the draw results via email and a prize notification will be sent as well, in case of any winnings. When you win, you may choose to have your winnings sent to you by cash or bank transfer. The option to use it as credit to your next renewal. Rest assured that SureWinLotto will release your prize winnings in full – no deduction whatsoever.

  • Is there a guarantee on the quality of your Service?

    SureWinLotto guarantees to give you an honest, legal and efficient online lottery agent processing services. We take great pride in providing our players top-of-the-line offerings and promotions that give you more chances of winning.

  • I love entering games when the jackpots roll-over into huge dollar amounts. Is there an easy way for me to be kept informed whenever there are big rollovers?

    Of course! Simply click on the "Subscribe Free Email Alerts" found on our website and you will receive regular updates and alerts via email. This way, you will never miss that chance to win those big jackpots ever again.

  • Is there a lead time required for me to enter a specific Lottery Draw?

    Yes. You are still allowed to join a lottery at least 6 hours before the actual draw if you are paying via Mastercard or Visa. On the other hand, you need to enter at least 48 hours in advance before the actual draw if you will be using other payment options.

  • Is it possible for me to place an entry in more than one Rollover Jackpot Draw at the same time?

    Yes it’s possible! Players can participate in as many Jackpot Draws as they wish provided they will submit their individual games one rollover draw at a time. The player can also opt for a subscription where they enter succeeding draws using the same number sets or play those numbers only when the jackpot reaches a certain amount.

  • Is it possible if I want my credit card to be charged with a Standing Order that allows me to play in every single Rollover Jackpot Draw over a specific period of time?

    Of course, but we need an explicit authorization before this can proceed.

  • How will I know the result of a Jackpot Draw?

    Results are made freely accessible online through our website SureWinLotto.com. Likewise, you will receive "result" notices that detail winning numbers of all Jackpot Draws. Please make sure to add our email address service@surewinlotto.com to your list of email contacts to ensure receipt of our emails.

  • What if I want my entry to be cancelled before a draw takes place? Is this allowable?

    Yes, SureWinLotto allow cancellations to refund all monies provided we are notified forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled draw.

    For cancellation requests, log on to our Live Help for assistance. Once a cancellation request is granted, we may allocate your previous number selection/s to another player. Needless to say, this new player will now hold all the legal rights and cash winnings that these numbers may generate.

    Note: ALL entry fees and/or payments are non-refundable once entries have been lodged or subscriptions have expired.

    In case you have been wrongfully charged for an entry, you may report this and request for a refund by contacting us at service@surewinlotto.com. Please include full transaction details, including the relevant dates, payment details, and a short explanation for the refund request. After careful review, a refund may be granted at SureWinLotto's discretion.

  • How can I check the status of my entry?

    You will be notified by return email to confirm that your instructions have been accepted for entry into the next Rollover Jackpot Draw.

  • How will I get notified if I win?

    For minor prizes, you will be contacted via email detailing the amount you've won. If you are a major prize winner, one of SureWinLottos' authorized representatives will give you a phone call to announce your win. Make sure that you always provide us updated and accurate email address, home and mobile numbers so we can contact you easily in case of wins.

  • If I win, can I give you my preferred bank where I like my winnings to be sent?

    Of course. SureWinLotto guarantees to collect your winnings on your behalf through our local network of agents and will transfer all your winnings in full, in any currency you choose, to any bank account you nominate, anywhere in the world. SureWinLotto does not charge any extra fees for this service.

  • Why is SureWinLotto price higher than the actual Draw entry cost?

    SureWinLotto applies a standard mark-up on the price of entry to cover processing expenses and to ensure 100% safe and reliable processing of your different government lottery entries outside your home country.

    SureWinLotto processes all entries legally through syndicates/ licensed agents; collects and pays out prize winnings on behalf of subscribers, and regularly provides information on winning numbers, sends account statements and prize notifications. All other costs and overhead expenses are covered by the margin charged by SureWinLotto over the actual cost of entry.

    Note: The price that you see in the games we offer already includes the mark-up and no other charges will be applied after you purchase an entry.

  • Will I receive my actual lotto tickets?

    No. SureWinLotto does not send actual tickets to players as we need this to claim winnings on their behalf immediately right after each draw. Instead, we issue an "official confirmation" which certifies that their numbers are received and will be entered into the Lottery draw/s they have subscribed to.

  • How can I be sure my prize money will be remitted to me? What if I win a multi-million dollar Jackpot, and your Lottery Agent runs off with my winnings?

    SureWinLotto guarantees that you will receive your cash-winnings in full in the event that you won a prize. Our company has been entering overseas players into Government Lotteries, and collecting and remitting their prize money for over 17 years. Within this period of time, there has never been a single report of any delay in the remittance of prize money to our players or any fraud with regards to the services we offer.

    Also, if you wish to be prudent after winning a multi-million dollar Jackpot for the lottery you played, you can always choose to travel to the country and claim your prize in person. SureWinLotto will extend assistance and service, but travel costs will be at your own expense.

  • I receive regular emails from people telling me I've won big time in a Government lottery. These are obviously scams as I haven't actually entered any of these Lotteries. How can I trust you?

    Please do not confuse us with such fraudulent emails becuase SureWinLotto is a trusted, ethical and legitimate organization that legally operates and offers overseas online lottery to our players.

    We will only send prize win notices to players who actually won in their entered draw/s thru SureWinLotto.com. You can also verify your entered numbers on our website. And again, we will never ask you to pay anything in exchange of your winnings which is the usual scheme of fraudsters.

  • What are the terms for promos and other special offers?

    Promotion: Cash Back Terms and Conditions

    1. Valid for lottery game purchases using credit card payment only.
    2. Limited to first single purchase transaction with a minimum purchase amount required for the particular offer.
    3. Valid for entries purchased for the offered draw.
    4. Cashback on losing entries will be awarded as vouchers and cannot be redeemed for cash, play credit or vouchers for lotteries other than assigned.
    5. Vouchers will only be awarded for the losing entries. If 5 games are purchased, 2 are winning entries and 3 are losing entries only 3 vouchers will be awarded for the next available draw.
    6. A winning entry is defined as any winning combination that results in a payout for the specific lottery draw entered.
    7. Your voucher will be sent to your email within 48 hours of the draw results posting.
    8. The maximum amount of vouchers that can be awarded from this offer is 3.
    9. Any vouchers awarded against qualifying risk-free draw losses are only valid for 14 days from the date of issue and thereafter will expire.
    10. In case of suspicious activity, duplicate accounts or other activity not in line with the terms and conditions of the website, the offer is null and void.