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Game Options


    This option guarantees you to PLAY only the BIGGEST games with the biggest ROLLOVERS exceeding US$50 million. Once you choose this, your numbers will be entered to the draw of your choice ONLY when the Jackpot Prize exceeds this minimum amount, provided the balance in your account is sufficient to cover your participation.


    This option allows you to ENTER the first available Jackpot Draw of your chosen lottery regardless of the JACKPOT amount. This is the most common way of playing the lottery.

Entry Guidelines

  1. You must be 18 years or older.
  2. Tickets purchased via Mastercard or Visa credit card, may require 12 hours of processing time prior to the Draw so that our licensed government agent will be able to enter the numbers on your behalf.
  3. For Entries availed using other card types, please allow 48 hours of processing time prior to the Draw for your entry to be submitted likewise.
  4. Players must adhere to any local laws which prevent a person from entering Lottery Draws outside your country or state. [see Terms and Conditions]

The Entry

One of the easiest ways to get your entries in is by clicking on the image of your desired lotto. This gives you access to your shopping cart where you can enter your selected lotteries/draws in a single CLICK. You will be redirected to our Ordering System where you will be required to:

  • Step #1: Define Your Entry
    1. Choose your Entry type from Option A or Option B.
    2. Number of Games You Wish to Play – a row/line of specific numbers represents a "Game".
    3. Number of Draws You Wish to Play – e.g. select "5" if you want to be entered into the next five available Draws of a game you wish to JOIN in .
  • Step #2: Select Your Numbers
  • Step #3: Check Purchase Summary

    Once you have completed the STEPS ABOVE, you can double check your order summary. Any order we receive will be considered FINAL. When you are ready to proceed, you can continue to "Checkout".

    NOTE: Your order is still at "PENDING" status until the end of this process.

  • Step #4: Your Personal Information

    Enter your required personal details — including payment type at this stage.

    For Credit Card payments, please be advised that all orders will be for OFFLINE Processing. You will be sent a separate email if your card was successfully charged.

    To finalize your purchase, select CONFIRM for your order to be processed.

    NOTE: A confirmation of your purchase will be displayed online and a copy of the same will be sent to your nominated email address during purchase.


  1. Technical matters in data transfer between a payment processor and their issuing banks, as well as errors in the information submitted by the customer causes delays. This is the reason why a client needs to re-submit orders more than once before it becomes successful. This is common in all online ordering systems. If incident like this happens, just re-submit the entry order. Be mindful that you will NOT be charged until an official confirmation of your entry is provided.
  2. All transactions within our ordering system are processed through the SureWinLotto Secure Server. To instill utmost safety and security of your account, your Credit Card Information will be encrypted via a 128 bit SSL Certificate.
  3. With SureWinLotto, you are confident that our online payment processor has implemented one of the tightest fraud control systems in the industry. Subsequently, this process requires that you submit your full name and address when you purchase online for your extra layer of protection. Please ensure that these details are the same as shown on your credit card statement.
  4. We require you to please provide both a landline and a mobile number so we can reach you as quickly as possible when you win a prize especially the BIGGER JACKPOTS.
  5. Successful purchases from this website will appear on your credit card statement as one of the following billing descriptors:
    • OSA +353868006489
    • International Lottery Agent

    *Other billing descriptors may reflect for future purchases. Kindly ensure to double check your Official Entry Confirmation for the billing name used.


There are some credit card issuers that place levels of limitations on certain online purchases, including (in some cases) entry into Government and State Lotteries.

Therefore, if your credit card is "declined", you may like to...

  • Try a different credit card in ordering.
  • Check and use another payment option listed in our cart.
  • For any concern related to your payment, contact us for assistance via phone or chat and we would be glad to assist you 24/7.