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Japan Jumbo Draw is the largest and highest paying amongst all Japanese Takara-kuji (literally translated as "treasure" or "fortune" ) Lotteries.

Lotteries originated in Japan in the 1600s. They were banned and resurrected several times until being banned entirely in 1842. After more than a hundred years of absence, the Japanese love for gambling could no longer be restrained and lotteries were finally revived in 1945. Takara-kuji lotteries were used to rebuild the country and help stave off rapidly escalating inflation.

With winning odds of 1 in 9, and a total cash payout reaching over $2 Billion, the Japan Jumbo Draw is undoubtedly the richest Lottery draw in Asia.

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The "Japan Jumbo Draw" is the second largest and highest paying amongst all lotteries around the globe (next to Spanish El Gordo Draw) and joining this game wherever you are – without even leaving the comforts of your home – is possible with SureWinLotto.

Because of the popularity and high demand for tickets in each draw, opportunities for people outside the JAPAN to PLAY the Japan Jumbo Draw are rare and slim. However, we in SureWinLotto makes it sure to reserve a good number of tickets for each draw just for our exclusive players because we know how eager you are to become the next BIGGEST WINNER!

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Month Held: March June August October December
Total Cash Payout: US$300 Million US$352 Million US$531.8 Million US$159 Million US$1.14 Billion
First Prizes: 17 Prizes worth US$1.7 Million each 27 Prizes worth US$2 Million each 42 Prizes worth US$1.8 Million each 26 Prizes worth US$1.3 Million each 70 Prizes worth US$1.7 Million each
Second Prizes: 170 Prizes worth US$54,117 each 81 Prizes worth US$1,000,000 each 42 Prizes worth US$900,00 each 26 Prizes worth US$87,184 each 140 Prizes worth US$854,000 each
Lower Division Prizes: US$296 Million US$246 Million US$428 Million US$110 Million US$518 Million
Prize Winners: 20 Million 30 Million 46 Million 15 Million 77 Million
Winning Odds: 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9

*Information above is based on the previous draws


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